Celebrating the summer over gastown rooftop with friends, bbq and a camera
19 Jul 2014 in Uncategorized
The 2nd shoot of Stephanie and I together! I want to point out how nice it is to shoot again with the same person, it’s more relax when you know what everyone can bring to the shoot. So smiles where all over and very relax feeling. This time we played the light bouncing through a milky-glass door, giving the soft look you can see through the photos.      
28 Dec 2013 in fashion
Stephanie in mostly red
My first Model Mayhem visitor in a while, when I started looking for my victims, that site helped a lot. great pool of talented not to mentioned good looking. So here’s Stephanie, she was great to shoot with easy and know her angles plus she came with a personal assistant! ( ah… thing you get in life if you’re a pretty young girl ) he was great help to me as well.   A very talented friend, Magda from earthlingphotography give me her Mark2 5d for the day ( usually I shoot with a 7D 50mm ) and man that camera was fun. not much of a difference in the shoot itself, but after, in the edit suite. all I can say is “full-frame sure makes life easier in post. the details are just there to begin with.” Had great time shooting this photo and as great editing them.
12 Dec 2013 in fashion
Bathing in Tulum
Went on vacation… actually my honey moon! but keep it quite, I don’t want the internet to know! I’ll just say the photos were taken in Tulum Mexico and let the photos speak for themself.
01 Nov 2013 in maternity
Christine Vancouver Fall
I’m back in the mood for photography! last week I felt this urge again and here it is. Early morning shoot with Christine, we found each other where else but Craiglist! We walked around till we found crab-park one fine cold morning, the rest is history.
27 Oct 2013 in fashion